“when i look at you
and you don’t look back,
or when you call me by my name
and not by “babe”
like the way you used to,
i feel like everything was
a dream,
a fantasy
in my magical mind;
we never really happened,
or did we?” — (via escafeism)

There’s a thin line between giving up and trying harder.

Sometimes, we just have to let go of someone who matters to us not because we have to, but its the right thing to do. Let us remember that we can’t force someone to love us. We can’t beg someone to stay when he/she leave and be with someone else.

I think somewhere along the way, I gave up. I got tired of always trying to make everything between us okay because I wanted you in my life. Then, I’d realized that you didn’t even care. Maybe I realized it’s too late, but it still hurts.

Maybe some how I am still hoping that we’d find a way to change and turn it back to what we used to be. I have to draw a line because there comes a point where I just had enough and I’d love to give up.

But I never did because I had hope that it might change. Now, I think I have to make that decision because it’s not fair to the both of us. Especially me. It pains me to say this. Maybe because I still care.

But I need to say Goodbye. I know what is my problem right now. I can’t let people go. I put so much effort into putting them in my life that I just hang myself to them.

But people change and things aren’t what they used to be. I just wanted to tell you honestly.. That I am happy that you stepped into my life, even you know for a short while.

You’ve made me realize things, especially about myself and people around me. I’m going to miss you. So for the both of us, this is my goodbye.

“She’s that girl who will take care of others before she takes care of herself. That girl who always have a smile on her face even though she’s falling apart and miserable inside. That girl who build a defense mechanism around herself so she won’t get hurt easily. The girl that tries to make everyone happy because she doesn’t like to see sad faces. That girl that would not want to be pushed around and ignored though sometimes she’ll let them if that’s what they want. She’s also that girl who rarely cries because to her it’s a sign of weakness, but they didn’t know that it’s the only thing she ever wanted to do. That girl who always stand up for herself just to be treated right. That girl who used to be stuck in a roller coaster relationship full of mood swings and empty promises, but now there’s this one guy who changed that. She’s the girl that always feels like no one will ever understand her. And she’s the same girl who used to hope that someone do. God had given her that only guy on her 11:11 wishes, because even now and then, she always believes that wishes do come true.” — that girl with no name,A.S

“If there’s one thing in life that has made itself known to me way, way back, it’s the fact that I will never be good enough for anyone. No matter how much you love people, they’ll always find fault with it. No matter how much you do everything to keep them, no matter how much you have sacrificed just to make them stay, they can always leave you and dump you like you’ve never done a single thing to make them happy. They would rather choose to walk out of your life than be patient in trying to understand you especially when you are at your worst. They’d rather abandon you than put up with your messed up life, not even thinking about all the times you’ve put up with all the pain they have caused you. They’d choose to see all the flaws in you and be blind to all the good things about you. Because you are not special or important. Because you are not a loss. Because they don’t really love you. Because you will never be good enough.” — (via escafeism)

“No matter how much broken you were before, you will still love again. Even though you told yourself that you were going to give up on love, someone would put your faith back at it again. It may take some time, but truth be told, you could never ever avoid feeling it.” — A

“Huwag kang mag-alala, darating din yung araw na hindi kana iiyak. Na may lalaki na na magpapadam sayo na importante ka, na yang katulad mo hindi basta bastang sinasaktan at iniiwan.” — (via escafeism)

“Nakamove on ka na ba sa kanya?”

Ang sarap sabihing oo. Ang sarap sabihing sana. Pero kahit maglokohan kami ng sarili ko, alam kong hindi at alam kong siya pa rin. Alam kong kapag nag-iisa nalang ako, niyayakap kaagad ako ng mga memorya niyang pinipilit kong burahin sa isipan ko. Mga alaalang akala ko habambuhay na makakapagpasaya sa akin pero yun pala ay isa sa mga bagay na gustong gusto kong burahin dahil inuunti unti ang pagpatay sa akin. Oo at madami siyang nagawang mali sa akin. Oo at mas mahal ko siya kaysa siya sa akin. Oo at labis labis akong nasaktan nang dahil sa kanya at nararapat na wag ko nang lingunin ang nakaraan at ibaon nalang sa limot ang lahat pero hindi. Hindi ganun kadali ang lahat. Nakakamatay mag move on lalo na’t bawat lingon mo, bawat tugtog na napapakinggan mo, bawat lugar na napupuntahan mo, bawat bagay na nahahawakan mo, siya at siya lang ang naalala mo. Pinipilit mo namang ibaling sa ibang bagay ang atensyon mo pero ang lakas ng kapit at lahat bumabalik patungo sa kanya. Paano ako makakalimot niyan? Ang sarap sabihing oo nakamove on na ako. Oo, nakalimutan ko na siya. Oo, buo na ulit ako. Oo, hindi na ako apektado. Oo at sa wakas ay malaya na ako. Siguro masarap sa pakiramdam na sa wakas ay bumitaw na rin ako. Pero hindi. Alam kong nakatali pa rin ako sa kanya. Alam kong siya pa rin. Alam kong hindi pa ko nakakawala. Pero sana nga, sana nga nakamove on na lang ako kasi ang sakit sakit na po. Ang sakit sakit na.

“You pushed me away for several times. But because I love you so much, I never did.” — c.j.r