LOVELIFE ba kamo?

Saka na yan! I’m not in a hurry. I’m enjoying what I have right now. Kuntento na ko sa presence ng mga taong nasa paligid ko. Kung meron man akong dapat unahin at pagtuunan ng pansin ngayon?

“Sarili ko” yun before anything else. ü

Sad fact:
People will only appreciate you and the things you’ve done for them, when you’re gone.

“You can’t always fight for the person you love. Matuto kang mapagod. Huwag ka masyadong magpaka bayani kung ayaw mong masaktan ng sobra sa huli.” — nagpaka bayani // c.j.r

Hanggang ngayon malaking katanungan parin para sakin ang bagay na yan. Ganon ba talaga ko kadaling kalimutan? Ganon ba talaga kadali kalimutan lahat ng pinagsamahan natin? Lahat ng happy and sad moments na pinagsaluhan natin? Na in just one snap, tinapon mo ang lahat ng ganon kadali. Ni di mo manlang naisip na sobra kang makakasakit. Na yung mga tinapon mong yun, mahalaga at importante lahat sakin.

Siguro nga di mo na maiisip yun kasi masaya kana sa iba. Wala na sayo yun kung may naiwan kang tao na sobrang nagmamahal sayo kasi may bago kana. Na kahit sumuko ako, it doesn’t matter kasi may tao na kagad na sasalo sa pagmamahal mo.

Sana lang ganon din kadali para sakin ang kalimutan ka. Sana kung gaano mo ako kabilis iniwan, kinalimutan at pinagpalit, ganon din kabilis para sakin ang lahat.

  • Him: What have you learned?
  • Her: I learned that sometimes, people have to leave even if you don't want them to because you need to learn something. That not everyone who leaves you behind are happy with their decision to walk out of your life. Some gets hurt just as much as those who were left behind; sometimes more. I also realized that being happy is not brought about by fate; it's a decision, a choice. You don't just start your day by hoping that it would turn out to be a great one -- you need to act on it. Another thing I've learned is that you need to fall in love with yourself first before you do with another person. You need to be able to clearly define your worth and set your limits so that you would know when to hold on and when to let go. Also, life throws at you all these painful and bitter circumstances not to drag you down to the pit of nowhere but to help you learn how to fight your own battles right; to make you strong; to unleash that steadfast will and determination within you; to teach you not to give up. Lastly, you don't really need to love the right person for there is no right or wrong when it comes to love. Loving someone of the same gender, who is already committed, or who doesn't seem to see you is never wrong. It's what you do about that love that usually complicates things. And oh, love doesn't have to be mutual to be considered true.

“There will be times when people would break you into minute pieces and just leave you like that. Now, there will be new people who would enter your life. They see how broken you are. Some of them might sympathize with you but they will not fix you. Others would be too scared of your fragility and vulnerability that they can’t stand to see you, hence, they leave without trying. Still, some might stop and try to fix you and get themselves broken during the process. However, you should bear in mind that sometimes, the only person who could fix you is you. Here’s the good thing about being broken: You have another chance to re-engineer yourself. You have the chance to discard all the parts about yourself you thought are ugly, improve your strengths and add those qualities you want to possess. You have the chance to make yourself a better person. So stand up and put back your broken pieces one at a time. Don’t let that pain drag you down.” — (via escafeism)

  • Best friend: Do you know what makes it hard for you to leave him even if he is not treating you right anymore?
  • You: What?
  • Best friend: You THINK that you can't stand a single day knowing that he is not yours anymore. You've convinced yourself that you can't make it not having him in your life. You don't know what to do with the dreams you built together, with your plans for the future, with your life that you've concretely patterned with his. You are blindedly convinced that he is THE ONE and maybe he is, someday, when he has already learned how to commit and appreciate and be mature. I still do not completely eliminate that possibility, no matter how remote it could be. However, he still has a lot of growing up to do. Now, love's not the sole reason why you can't walk away, why you are settling for less. You are scared that he'd forget you and move on before you could. More than that, you are terrified that you won't find someone who will love you and take his place. You are afraid of being alone and being labeled as his makes you feel less alone because you belong to someone. More than the fear of pain, what holds you back is your fear of solitude. You don't want to let go because nobody's going to call you baby anymore or no one's going to frequently call and text you or there would be no cuddling during bed weathers or holding hands while strolling or taking of silly pictures together. You do not know what to do with all the vacant time that you're going to have the moment you leave. Knowing that you've wasted your time on someone whom you think is destined for you terrifies you too. This is why you are so determined to make it work even if you are not being treated the way you deserve -- because you want to convince yourself that saying yes to that person in the first place, losing yourself in him, letting him love you back, and spending so much time with him weren't all bad choices. You still want to convince yourself that you can call this relationship as worth it even if you are suffering too much. But dear, please. It's all in your mind. Change your mindset and choose to set him and yourself free for the meantime. Use this time to learn to love yourself.

"Please, be strong enough to let go of all the things that make you sad."

"It’s easy to say but hard to do. How do you let go of someone who brings you sadness but makes you happy too?"

"It is difficult, I know. Let go when the pain has become too much. When it overshadows happiness. When you begin to question yourself whether your smiles are fake or not. When you have become so confused about how happiness feels like — does it refer to moments when there are no quarrels and arguments? Or does it point to those moments when you both make up? Learn to set limits. You cannot keep fighting alone forever. That is not going to make you any happier than you are now."

” — (via escafeism)

  • 1: Falling in love with someone who is deeply in love with another
  • 2: Losing yourself in the process of loving someone so much
  • 3: Falling for someone who is not willing to catch you
  • 4: Falling for someone who caught you but eventually let you go
  • 5: Being left behind by someone who matters the most to you
  • 6: Meaning nothing to someone who means everything to you
  • 7: Being second best, an option, a rebound, or cheated on
  • 8: Seeing the person you love so happy with someone else
  • 9: Getting stuck in the past
  • 10: Letting go of someone who was never yours
  • 11: Having someone who loves you so much but you can't just love back
  • 12: Making decisions you know you'd regret someday
  • 13: Laughing to hide the pain
  • 14: Being in a relationship that makes you feel more alone than when you were single
  • 15: Suppressing your feelings for someone

In life, God give us two kinds of people. The one that will serve as a BLESSING and the one that will serve as a LESSON.

In my case, she’s been a blessing but more of a lesson. Maybe because God wants me to realize that there’s more to life than LOVE. That I should learn to love myself first before anyone else. That there are a lot people around me that can also be my source of happiness. That I still have my God, my family and friends.

Thank God because I’ve already learned my lesson. And now, I’m ready to move forward on the chapter of my life. Ü